3 Most Important Design Rules Compiled from the Best Web Design Tutorials

Online tutorials are a great resource for learning just about anything. The internet is full of web design tutorials that serve as the perfect starting place for beginners.

In fact, even professional web designers can use these tutorials to brush up their domain knowledge. However, most professional designers will not have the time to sit through hours of footage.

One can find here the 3 most crucial design rules that feature in pretty much every tutorial on web development.

1st rule – Make it as easy as possible for users

Good design is one that is self-explanatory and doesn’t require users to think too much. If the architecture of the website isn’t intuitive, it will increase the bounce rate of the website and lower its Google ranking.

Therefore, a designer’s job is to make the layout of the site as simple and easy for the user as possible.

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2nd rule – Focus users’ attention to key areas

Another important requirement of good design is that it focuses the attention of a user on things that need focus. There are certain parts of a website or certain services that users need to be directed to. A web designer can achieve this by having the right balance, colour and overall design aesthetics.

3rd rule – Don’t test the user’s patience

The final basic rule of a good design is not to try and test the user’s patience. What does this mean?

Loads of sites on the internet require users to sign up or provide some kind of information before gaining access. This most definitely is part of acceptable design as it will put off the user and cause him to turn away from the site. Make sure that the design of the website is such that users have optimum access without needing to be excessively patient.

Every designer must keep in mind these basic rules while designing for a website. The importance of these rules is such that they are highlighted in most web design tutorials or PHP tutorials as well.

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