5 Common Types of Crutches Prescribed By the Doctors

A crutch behaves as a support system for every people who have difficulty while walking. Not every crutch is for every patient. Orthopedic surgeons or physiotherapist suggest crutches to the patients depending on type of medical issues he/she is having.

Henceforth, it is a responsibility of medical suppliers to provide best type of crutches to the patient. The crutches Australia never disappoint the doctor and the patients regarding the quality issue. It is the sole duty of the manufacturers to deliver a best type of crutch as and when needed by the patients.

Crutches Australia

Few Common Types of Crutches Australia Are:

  1. Forearm crutch:

This type of crutch is suggested to the patients who need it for a long time. People suffering from hip bone fracture or thigh problems use this crutch. This crutch can be easily adjusted with different height and weight.

  1. Underarm crutch:

A ribcage pad fits under his/her armpits and patient grips a pad which is provided below. One needs to put the entire body weight on the hand to get a better grip. Thus, this crutch is for patients who feel a pain while walking.

  1. Platform crutch: 

Patients having arthritis problems use this type of crutch. Arms of this crutch are strapped thus provides a horizontal platform. The crutch should reach 2 inches below the armpit to guarantee a proper fit.

  1. Walkers:

This is a hybrid crutch which is made of plastic as well as aluminum. This distributes your weight evenly and reduces wrist pressure. Patients who have injury below the knee use this type of crutch to walk.

  1. Strutter crutch:

This is another type of underarm crutch which has a larger tip. It distributes your weight evenly and helps in balancing.

Doctors are always well aware of the types of crutches before advising it to the patients. Therefore, grab the best and unique crutches Australia to get a speedy recovery!

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