If you love those 4-legged friends of yours, then FHTCL.com is the page to check out! On a personal note, I have been a huge fan of equestrian races and listed out some of the best races for you! In my blog section, you can get ideas on the various categories of horse race, their working procedure, the top derby races that you can be a part of and breeding of horses for racing.

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Being an entrepreneur and a passionate explorer of various facets of horse racing and horse breeding, in this blog, you can get a plethora of ideas on the breeding process of these horses and races they are suitable for!

As a social media lover and travel explorer, I would request you to put in your thoughts regarding the arenas that I could cover in my blog.

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As an avid writer, my primary aim is to share a plethora of information on the horses and retrieve some info from your end. If you have some interesting facts and figures, we would be extremely happy to be a part of that knowledge.

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