All You Wanted To Know About Jeans-Manufaktur, Your Everyday Essential

Get a pair of jeans and you will rock the world!

Modern women literally live by this word, isn’t it? A pair of jeans is a wardrobe essential that no ladies want to abandon. But did you know how these beautiful leg wrappers came into existence? Here is a list of the steps that you need to know about jeans-manufaktur.

Preparation of cotton yarn

  • Processed cotton goes through a procedure called carding where it goes through a machine that cleans the cotton, detangle and straighten it, and gather all the cotton strings collectively which is known as slivers.
  • Next the slivers are stretched and pulled to make it stronger. It again goes through a machine that twists it further to make yarn.


Dyeing or coloring

  • In this step, the cotton yarn is colored with synthetic indigo to make it blue. The dying process involves dipping of cotton yarns in indigo solution several times. Often a chemical presumably sulfur is used to stabilize the color of yarn.
  • Next, to make the strings stronger and sturdier it undergoes a starch treatment. After this process, it is ready to go through the weaving process. Various brands including MAC Melanie are made this way.

The process of weaving

  • Here, the cotton yarn is woven to make large sheets of fabric on large manufacturing loom.
  • Then it is brushed, and cleaned to remove pieces of clothes and loose threads.

Finally, creation of the story

  • In this process of jeans-manufaktur, the manufacturer cut the denim sheet according to various sizes and shapes excluding pockets, zippers and belt loops.
  • After that, it is ready to be stitched for the ultimate shapes. Once, it is sewn, pockets and belt loops are added to it. Lastly, they sew the zippers and finish the hem lining.

All brands starting from Levis to MAC Melanie goes through these processes before reaching its final destination -your wardrobe.



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