What You Must Know of the Horses Bred For Racing?


For all those who are gearing up to start betting on horses the next season, you may have a query – Which horse to bet on? The whole idea of horses being tortured for races is just passé! The truth is in fact – there are specific horses bred for racing. Far from the regular treatment meted out to these herbivores in the stables, these race course horses get special treatment and follow a strict regime.

Name any other sport where both the sexes compete at an equal standard? That’s the magic of racing! To delve deeper into the world of specialized horse breeding, you need to scroll down the headings!

Breeding Horses

How are race horses bred?

  1. Do choose the right stallion/mare:

The stallions look great on the glossy pages of the magazine, and the beauty of the mares are invincible on screen. However, when you have to choose one for breeding, you must be careful. The semen of your stallion must be productive and also the mare should be capable enough to receive that. A complete checkup of their reproductive system is necessary.

  1. Choose the correct place to breed:

From your own stable to a specialized breeding center, you must ensure that the animals are comfortable. At times, these animals are not comfortable with this separation and therefore it affects the breeding process. Thus, the horses available for horse race are not up to the mark. Be careful.

Horses in stables

  1. Get the correct semen presentation:

One has to be careful about the semen as well. With the start of the breeding season, you must check the quality (frozen, fresh, chilled). Each of them has specific positives and it will depend on the mare or stallion which would suit the best.

  1. Timing is important:

The time of ovulation induction, ultrasound and insemination is very important. This timing will determine quality of horses bred, and readily fight bacteria in case of any problem.

These are the most important steps that experts follow. So has this content been able to answer your query about horses bred for racing? If you want to get a better idea, you can check out FhtCl.com!