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Get an Insight into Hijabs and Choose Prominent Ones as Eid Gifts

Hijabs are quiet in trend these days and is the reason for people buy it for presenting it as Eid gifts. So, one can call it a modern form of Muslim wears. According to the culture, Islamic women are supposed to cover their hair with a piece of cloth. Often people get confused between a Hijab and a Burka. A Burka is a piece of cloth that covers every part of the body except the hands, whereas a Hijab just covers the head and the forehead.

Islamic gifts for her

Today this piece of scarf is a trendsetting garment. Most modern Muslim women wear it as a trendy outfit. Furthermore, these come in different variations and are super attractive and cute. Some even come with stone clips that are super glamorous.

What does Hijab signify?

This is an Arabic word which means partition or barrier. But on the broader side, this piece of clothing is a symbol of modesty and it also personifies the behavior of a person. This cloth is worn both by males and females. According to the rules, this piece of scarf needs to be worn in front of strangers, which means Muslim women does not need to wear it in front of their fathers, brother or son.

Types of Hijabs from different parts of the world

Hijabs are not an obligation but rather as a trendy outfit and hence people buy it as Eid gifts. The variations come from the patterns of how one ties the scarf. Following are the list of 8 different types from around the world:

  • Dupatta
  • Chador
  • Khimar
  • Kerudung
  • Turban
  • Niqab
  • Amira
  • Esarp

Islamic gifts for her

In most Middle East countries, women wear Hijabs as a preference and no one actually forces them to wear it. So, it depicts one’s personality, it’s important to choose the right colour and shape. Moreover, you can choose from the wide varieties that are available at stores and websites for you to buy as one of the ideal Eid gifts!

eid gifts

Not Eidee – Some Amazing Eid Gifts to Mark This Joyous Occasion!

Bismillahir – rahmanir – Raheem….

Duniya ke fiza main ujala Rasool ka – Eid Mubarak!

What are you planning to gift your near and dear ones this Eid? If it is Eidee, then think again! After all, the Almighty himself stated that – by exchanging presents with each other, one can remove negativity from their hearts.

Hence, it is time that you find out some unique Eid gifts this season from a reputed online source and send it over to them before it’s too late.

eid gifts

Are you wondering as to what is that perfect gift that would replace the charm of Eidee, which has been predominant for centuries? Well, here are some equally surprising packages that one could very well exchange cursory greetings with.

Some packages you cannot miss this Eid:

Quran and Hadeeth texts –

In a time when the cosmopolitan world is overtaking one’s thoughts, to hold on to the roots is very important. Therefore, gifting someone a Quran and books of Hadeeth is a great way to reinforce that sense of true religiousness in today’s youth.

According to the teachings of the Quran – it displeases Allah – the Almighty to see people indulge in wasteful usage of money. Hence, ditching Eidee, this package of holy books can help children of today get a brighter future and elderly, a serene mind.

Saleha set –

For that religious and yet independent minded female friend of yours, a Saleha set is just the perfect gift. With a portable prayer mat to Tasbeeh to a handbook for Muslim women – this is a unique way to exchange pleasantries with her.

Fruit basket –

What’s Eid without some fruits for company? This Eid, pack some of the choicest seasonal fruits and garnish the basket with some chocolates and wafers. This would be one of your ideal – Eid gifts. Rather than putting those dollars in the hand of your dear one, wish him or her good health with this basket and see your relationship transform.

Luxury tea box –

If one is planning to visit someone who loves his or her evening beverage, then a luxury Bismillah tea box can be a great option. With a host of brews from different places of the world – green, white, rose, oolong, black, fruit and herbal, this set is one of its kind.

Eid gifts

According to Quran – Give to the kindred what his due is and do not spend unnecessarily. Spendthrifts are brothers of Satan – the one who is ever ungrateful to Allah!

Hence, this season, you can surely invest your energy to buy some Eid gifts with those dollars. Chalk out the specifics now!

Unusual Gifts - 1

6 Unusual Gifts for Christmas to Get for Your Loved Ones

Christmas is around the corner and its already time to make a list of all the gifts to be bought. Tired of gifting the same jumper or wine bottle, time and again? Think out of the box this Christmas and gift your loved one something unusual, something they would love to have and use. After all, when did you last see them wearing the same reindeer jumper?

Choosing gifts, particularly for females, can also be pretty harrowing. While there are numerous options for men available, however for women, it is limited to a few categories. Thus, choosing Unusual Gifts does become a tad bit difficult.

To ease your problems, listed below are six unique presents that you can buy for both men and women and have a really unusual Christmas.

Unusual Gifts - 1

6 unusual things that you can gift your loved ones:

  1. Batman multitool

The one thing that men adore is comic books, and no one can say no to Batman. Get a multitool batman to gift your buddy. It acts as a bottle opener, screwdriver, keychain and what not! It’s a rather handy tool to have for that buddy who always misplaces his tools.

  1. Football table

Guys love sports and the best way to make their Christmas is to buy them a football table. They can have all the fun right at home without sifting through the bad crowd. Also, girls are into football nowadays! So, it’s the same for all.

  1. Emoji jewellery

If you think buying jewelry for a woman is boring, then change it up by gifting an emoji jewelry. Gift them a pizza pendant or a winking one and see their faces light up!

  1. Slippers

Cute and quirky but comfortable slippers are something that every woman turns to. A slipper shaped like a blobfish is hilarious but comfortable at the same time. Moreover, it will certainly light up the dull winter days.

  1. Personalised backpack

A backpack is the most sought after product required by all. Simply jazz up the boring backpacks by picking a personalised one. You can add a message, quote, picture, or anything!

  1. Leave me alone mug

A leave me alone mug spells out your current mood and something that everyone should have. Gift it to someone who you think needs periodic breaks just to deal with their problems.

Go ahead and start creating your shopping list of unusual gifts now. Time to bring out your innovative ideas too! Good Luck!

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Make Birthdays more Special with Book a Flower Bouquet

Flowers are the most beautiful gift a person can receive irrespective of the occasion. Birthday gifts are a confusing matter, if do not have time to personally handpick a gift then sending a lovely bouquet to your friend, family member or spouse is a lovely way to attract their attention and make a special statement.

How to order flowers easily online? It is impossible to find a place which delivers the flowers you order on time and in a professional manner. Book A Flower is one of the few rare joints that value their client base and offer every opportunity to indulge in gifts.

Some wonder if bouquets are ideal for birthday gifts. Imagine a midnight delivery of a bouquet of roses, lily or orchids to a spouse. This will be a wonderful surprise and ensure an unforgettable start to their day.

Book A Flower-1

Selecting the bouquet:

If you have made up your mind about sending flowers on the birthday of a loved one it is time to decide on the flowers you want. There are several ways to approach this decision. Some common ways are:

  • One kind of flower
  • One color pallet
  • Mixing it up

With Book a Flower all these options are available. Take a look at some designs of bouquets on the site and choose one of them or make your own unique design. Start planning and order the bouquet now!

No birthday without cake:

Needless to say if you want to plan a surprise birthday party for your friend then a cake is must. Usually flower selling joints stick to one medium but with some unique options there is a chance to get designed cakes for your friends or family too.

The exciting part about this is that you could order both a cake and flowers and get it delivered to your long distance boyfriend or parents from abroad. Can a gift get any more perfect? Start ordering presents now!

Customer satisfaction:

When it comes to sites selling gifts like cake or flowers it is important that they value the customer. Book a Flower and a few other select sites understand that the customer needs to be made happy to build a strong base and ensure that people come back.

Find a flower delivery source that delivers your flowers, offers some extra benefits like cakes and ensures flawless fresh deliveries at affordable rates on time. Choose wisely and surprise loved ones!