Complement Your Daily Attire with a Simple Pair of Jeans

Jeans are the easiest option to choose from when you are in doubt. Whether it is casual Fridays at the office or a first date with your crush, if paired with apt upper wear, jeans can help you don a good impression among others. Justifiably so, companies like Jeans-Manufaktur thrive in the fashion business by providing cool solutions to fashion problems.

Jeans can make one look casual and smart casual. It just depends on with what it is coupled with. Jeans and T-shirts are the quintessential casual look whereas a shirt can bring out  the semi-formal appearance.

Pick the Perfect Jeans

Jeans have evolved a lot throughout the years, from bell-bottomed to slim fit. Though the most common jeans are based on the different shades of blue.

Dressing reflects one’s mood as well as personality. A carefully chosen pair of jeans helps to bring out one’s attitude towards the surroundings; for example, torn jeans are a big NO for any official or formal events. White denim and light washed jeans are on the other hand is a good fit for semi-formal appearance.


Jeans are made nowadays keeping the body shape of the consumers in mind. Ensure it is aptly fit and not too loose or too tight for one’s body. For example, the MAC Melanie range serves to bring out the voluptuousness of the women body.

What to wear with the Jeans?

A checked shirt along with blue denim can appear as casual. Or get a classic look by pairing your blue denim with a bright white shirt. White jeans give a lot of colour options to explore and play with. These combined with a dark textured shirt can create a dazzling contrast and turn some heads in the office.

Jeans go well with almost everything and especially complement a casual outlook. For a smart and casual look Oxford shirts can be a good choice to wear with slim fit jeans. Checked shirt over a round-neck paired with tapered jeans can project a much-relaxed look.

Also, a well fitted double denim look be an eye catcher, but ensure that the bottom and top wear are of contrasting shades. Black jeans are one of the versatile choices which is persistently trending throughout decades. Sharply tailored cut black denim goes easy with even blazers.

Selecting decent jeans and top wear combination is not enough; make the appearance more stunning with proper footwear. Leather shoes and sporty sneakers go best with the jeans.

Thus, go to your nearest Jeans-Manufaktur today and get some pairs of jeans contemplating on your existing wardrobe.

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