Leg Massage Machines and How these Implement Compression Therapy in Daily Life!

These machines have different names by which they are referred to. Be it, a Leg massage compressor, air compression device etc., the overall feedback on this kind of device is beyond positive. Numerous such machines are available in the market, making it tougher for consumers to decide which one is the best for use. The massage machines work in different parts of the body, but the main focuses of it are the legs.

How do these machines work?

The leg massage machines work on the principles of pneumatic compression. It is as simple as attaching one of the sleeves to one part of the body and then merely inflating it with a pump. This air inflated sleeve then helps in massaging that body part and in turn detoxify it.

Increasing popularity

The efficient performance of these machines has catered to the positive feedback from consumers. According to surveys, this technique has profoundly aided those suffering from Lymphedema of lower limbs.

  • The machines work efficiently without damaging the limb tissues.
  • It reduces the risks of survival for those who have had a stroke
  • Lowers the dangers of vein thrombosis
  • It even cures venous ulcers
  • Effectively improves soft tissues and fractures

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leg compression machines

Can others use it?

Yes, the benefits are numerous. A regular massage with these compression machines ensures relaxation. Press therapy is known to have induced proper blood circulation. It also reduces fatigue, eliminates oedema etc. These inflated air sleeves activate the venous and lymphatic circulation and allow toxin elimination and blood flow.

Is it easy to use it at home?

Most of these machines are user-friendly. These have power units, arm and leg sleeves, pipes to inflate it with air etc. The leg massage devices have the power button, timer, pressure indicator and controller and two different modes of operation.

What are the usual modes?

  1. Circulation mode
  2. Massage mode

These two modes are suitable for different treatments. The circular motion induces blood circulation and regular flow of it without disruptions. The massage option on the other hand continually massages the legs and in turn relaxes the tensed muscles or relieves pain if any.

Compression therapy is highly used in health centres and massage parlours. But it is indeed easier to enjoy its perks while at home with the help of these machines. Various models by different vendors are widely available online.

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