Not Eidee – Some Amazing Eid Gifts to Mark This Joyous Occasion!

Bismillahir – rahmanir – Raheem….

Duniya ke fiza main ujala Rasool ka – Eid Mubarak!

What are you planning to gift your near and dear ones this Eid? If it is Eidee, then think again! After all, the Almighty himself stated that – by exchanging presents with each other, one can remove negativity from their hearts.

Hence, it is time that you find out some unique Eid gifts this season from a reputed online source and send it over to them before it’s too late.

eid gifts

Are you wondering as to what is that perfect gift that would replace the charm of Eidee, which has been predominant for centuries? Well, here are some equally surprising packages that one could very well exchange cursory greetings with.

Some packages you cannot miss this Eid:

Quran and Hadeeth texts –

In a time when the cosmopolitan world is overtaking one’s thoughts, to hold on to the roots is very important. Therefore, gifting someone a Quran and books of Hadeeth is a great way to reinforce that sense of true religiousness in today’s youth.

According to the teachings of the Quran – it displeases Allah – the Almighty to see people indulge in wasteful usage of money. Hence, ditching Eidee, this package of holy books can help children of today get a brighter future and elderly, a serene mind.

Saleha set –

For that religious and yet independent minded female friend of yours, a Saleha set is just the perfect gift. With a portable prayer mat to Tasbeeh to a handbook for Muslim women – this is a unique way to exchange pleasantries with her.

Fruit basket –

What’s Eid without some fruits for company? This Eid, pack some of the choicest seasonal fruits and garnish the basket with some chocolates and wafers. This would be one of your ideal – Eid gifts. Rather than putting those dollars in the hand of your dear one, wish him or her good health with this basket and see your relationship transform.

Luxury tea box –

If one is planning to visit someone who loves his or her evening beverage, then a luxury Bismillah tea box can be a great option. With a host of brews from different places of the world – green, white, rose, oolong, black, fruit and herbal, this set is one of its kind.

Eid gifts

According to Quran – Give to the kindred what his due is and do not spend unnecessarily. Spendthrifts are brothers of Satan – the one who is ever ungrateful to Allah!

Hence, this season, you can surely invest your energy to buy some Eid gifts with those dollars. Chalk out the specifics now!

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