OuchClub.Com – Know More about Fake Urine and Passing Drug Tests

They are here to help you pass any drug test and avoid getting into troubles.

They claimed synthetic urine kit as the best option when you know you won’t pass a drug test! Friend’s urine sample or detox drink will lead to some other trouble.

So, they suggested that if you do it using the right methods, it is likely that you will not get caught anyhow.

If you are afraid of using it, think of the situation when you do not pass the drug test and end up losing the job opportunity! That fear will top it all!

So, without delay, let’s see what they had to say about synthetic urine!

Take help of synthetic urine to pass a drug test

If you use synthetic urine, you will have a 99% chance to pass it. A detox can have the risk of failing,and thus, a fake urine sample is a safe bet.

Do not feel stressed! Once you pass the risk of submitting the sample in the lab, your job is done!

What are the key factors that prove the quality of fake urine to be good?

To ensure that it cannot be detected as fake, look for the following.


  • Smell
  • Organic Compounds
  • Colour
  • Urea
  • Creatinine
  • Uric Acid
  • Temperature
  • Correct pH
  • Dilution

If these factors are exactly like natural urine, then go for it!

What OuchClub.com has to say about the best brand for Synthetic Urine?

Before purchasing synthetic urine, clear your mind and decide whether you are looking for an entire kit or not. It is not necessary that a kit will consist of the best product.

There are ample numbers of products on the market right now! However, they suggested Monkey Dong as the best brand to be used.

Apart from that, if you are willing to purchase some other brand, look into the following factors:

  • Their quality
  • Check if it’s easy to use
  • Ask for assurance that it won’t get detected

Why are detox drinks not safe to use?

Here are the reasons why they suggested everyone not to use detox drinks.

  • Quality is usually poor
  • Too many fake versions available
  • It’s a simple solution of colouring, sugar and water
  • A strict set of instructions need to be followed
  • Toxins are masked for a few hours only

Thus, they made it pretty clear why fake synthetic urine is the best solution to pass a drug test without any risk of failing!

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