Synthetic Urine! Do They Work And Are They Safe To Use?

If you know that you are going to test positive for drug use then this is something that could spoil your career. You have many options to alter the drug test result. You could submit a sample from OuchClub that is not yours, detox naturally or submit the sample of someone else.

But does submitting a synthetic urine sample serve the purpose?

This is arisky gamble

Using a synthetic kit for urine could be risky because the urine could fail the settings of some drug tests. This is why many companies today sell powdered urine kits which is a genuine urine that makes its fake detection most unlikely. Most of the major laboratories that do drug testing are able to detect that the urine is fake and thus using synthetic urine from OuchClub may not be your scapegoat anymore now.

How is the false urine detected?

Some of the major laboratories are able to judge the flakiness of the urine just by the look of it. The urine is of such a poor quality that just seeing it makes one know that it is fake. Thus if you are submitting the synthetic urine for a drug test and the results are very important for you then it is best to not try submitting the fake urine.

Instead you could choose to submit the real powdered urine.

The products that are developed synthetically will lack the real originality and can soon be detected by an expert. While the synthetic urine may seem to be like urine but someone who is trained to detect the real pee from the fake will be able to make out the difference immediately.

If you submit synthetic urine and if it is apre-employment test then you are sure to lose your job. Companies would see it as a misconduct and dishonestly and you are sure to get terminated too in case you need to do a drug test post-employment.So stay away from synthetic urine and instead try the powdered urine.

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