best rc cars under 100

Building An RC Car Under $100, Things to Look Out For

It is better to build your hobby car from scratch than just buying an off the shelf product. After all, you will be able to choose what’s in it and how it performs; and it’s cheaper to build.

Building the best RC car under $100 needs some research and a careful selection of the components. Let’s take a look at some options available to customize your RC car.


best rc cars under 100


  • Propulsion system –

There are two types of propulsion system available for RC cars, nitro, and electric power unit. Now the Question is which one to get.

  1. Nitro units – It’s a miniature engine, fuel tanks, andcarburetors It runs on nitro fuel which is available in any hobby shop. A big advantage is they make more power.

However, engines make noise when they are running. So many competitions don’t allow them to race.

  1. Electric units –Electric motors and batteries are affordable, hassle free and have a longer life. They are allowed almost everywhere as they don’t make smoke or sound.

The only drawback is that the battery needs to be often changed as they require a lot of power. Some of the best RC cars under 100 come with an electric unit.

  • Speed –

If you are a beginner, you might not want to go for the top speed. Higher speed makes handling difficult. However, a fast car is important.

Both electric and nitro units offer decent speed, so choose according to your budget.

  • Remote –

You will need some way to control the vehicle once it’s off, and that controller should be good enough to transmit over a long distance. Most of the best RC cars under 100 come with a 2.4 GHz remote. This works quite well in all conditions.


  • Terrain –

Your best RC car under $100 cannot run in all terrains. You need to specialize it according to your preference.

If you want an off-roader, make it robust with strong suspension and tough chassis. If you want a dragster, keep it slim, aerodynamic and fast, the choice is yours.

Making your RC car gives certain freedom that you cannot get from a store bought piece. Just remember to get advice from experts in RC racing, and remember not to get the cheapest parts.