Starter in Horse Racing? Here’s the list of top horse races!

For all those who have plans to start learning about horse racing, there are a couple of facts to remember.  Unlike any other on-field game, racing of horses require high-octane energy and follow a particular rhythm. Apart from that, as you head to the tracks, you need to note the program as well as format of racing, so that you can bet on these races.

One of the most popular games since centuries, these racing events are global events. Also, its diversity can be found in the manner, in which, racing in the USA differs from that of UK.

Before you place other queries, here’s a list of ALL THAT YOU WANT TO KNOW about this event! Take a look!

Types of horse races:

The specific types of horse races are:

  • Steeple chasing
  • Harness racing
  • Jump racing
  • Quarter horse racing
  • Endurance riding

A little more about them:

  • Steeple chase is a specific distance race wherein the racer has to jump over diverse fences and other ditch-type obstacles.
  • In harness racing, the concerned horses hold a particular gait as they move forward with a two-wheeled cart to win the race.
  • One of the best games played during the span of autumn-winter-spring, jump racing requires the concerned jockey and horse to jump over certain hurdles and fences.
  • Quarter horse racing, as per its name, puts up a sprinting race for the horses for close to a quarter mile.
  • One of the most prominent long distance races, endurance riding requires horses to cover certain controlled distance under the command of the jockey. As per its name, it tests the endurance level of the horse.

What a successful horse racing needs:

What you must note is that racers do not use random horses for racing. There are specific horses bred for racing, and specific organizations invest ($50-$200 mostly) on them. As a novice, you must be careful about the money you are investing and returns you get. For some more quips, you can click on to!

Know the Progression of the Working Procedure of Horse Racing Federations!

For your information, there are not just business deals that make the world go around! The California Chrome horse commanded $40, 000 per race during its peak stage. For the upcoming Breeders Cup Classic, you are planning to invest on the latest set which is participating. However, whom should you consult to start off this procedure? An important point to note – the horse racing federations have their own laws and must maintain certain stakes.

Interested to know in detail about how horse federations operate? Read on!

Insight into the horse race federations

There are specific racing authorities that conduct the whole process. Back in 18th century, there were English classic races, and next in the 19th century, the French classics came to forefront. These jockey clubs have their own set of rules, and then in 2006, the powers (at least in England) were transferred to Horse racing Regulatory Authority.

The French domain had France Galop while for American horse-riding arena there was the private North American Jockey Club. There is an International Federation of Horse racing Authorities, which is the umbrella organization and under that, the jockeys function. The issues that people discuss are – breeding of horses and horse racing events.

horse racing federations

Functioning of the horse federations:

Queen Elizabeth’s stakes sponsor the Durban season of racing. Similarly, in the United States, the wagers offer stake money from purses.

The wagers play an important role wherein – bets were placed on first 3 horses (win/place/show) format. Apart from racetrack managements, the other options are – common betting pool (top 3 places share the profit with a management cut). If that’s not all, specialty wagers offer high payouts for these games.

In current times, government organizations are an important segment of off track betting, with online investment getting prominence.

Note: Did you know that horse racing follows a set of 12 Articles as stated by International Agreements? So before you jump into the track, do get the details right.  Nobody should violate the norms.

Check the Most Popular Horse Racing Events Before You Attend One!

Are you aware that the California Chrome may come back to the racing fields in 2017? One of the oldest and most popular games on this planet – horse racing is the only sport that competitively allows both sexes on the same field. There are a number of events that are held on an annual basis, with millions riding on these horses.

 Want to have an idea about the top racing events in this field? Just scroll down the content and you will get an insight into some of the most popular events in this equestrian field!

The top horse racing events:

  1. Kentucky Derby:

    kentucky derby

This is the most famous derby races held on May’s first Saturday with a prize purse of $2 million. From its first run in 1875, it still leads the America’s Triple Crown race. This is also the biggest gambling draw of current times with a record $133 million wager in 2015. The best horses are part of this ‘Fastest Two Minutes in Sports’!


  1. Dubai World Cup:

This is one of the richest racing events with participation of the best horses with a prize purse of $10 million. This is held on the last Saturday of March at the Meydan Racecourse, and for a track of 1.25 miles, the three and four years bred old horses run this race.


  1. Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe:

    Qatar Prix Arc De Triomphe

This comes on the first Sunday in October, with prize money of $5.5 million. This 1.5-mile race has been in the yard since 1920 and three-year-old horses can participate in this race. Amidst a number of positives, this is run on the richest turf of the world.


  1. Epsom Derby:

The oldest race on this list, this commands price money of £1.325 million and is the most prestigious flat horse racing event.

 If you have gained a sudden interest in visiting the tracks this season, do get the tickets on time! After all, those horses bred for racing will not wait for you in their tracks? Visit the tracks and enjoy the day.