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Get an Insight into Hijabs and Choose Prominent Ones as Eid Gifts

Hijabs are quiet in trend these days and is the reason for people buy it for presenting it as Eid gifts. So, one can call it a modern form of Muslim wears. According to the culture, Islamic women are supposed to cover their hair with a piece of cloth. Often people get confused between a Hijab and a Burka. A Burka is a piece of cloth that covers every part of the body except the hands, whereas a Hijab just covers the head and the forehead.

Islamic gifts for her

Today this piece of scarf is a trendsetting garment. Most modern Muslim women wear it as a trendy outfit. Furthermore, these come in different variations and are super attractive and cute. Some even come with stone clips that are super glamorous.

What does Hijab signify?

This is an Arabic word which means partition or barrier. But on the broader side, this piece of clothing is a symbol of modesty and it also personifies the behavior of a person. This cloth is worn both by males and females. According to the rules, this piece of scarf needs to be worn in front of strangers, which means Muslim women does not need to wear it in front of their fathers, brother or son.

Types of Hijabs from different parts of the world

Hijabs are not an obligation but rather as a trendy outfit and hence people buy it as Eid gifts. The variations come from the patterns of how one ties the scarf. Following are the list of 8 different types from around the world:

  • Dupatta
  • Chador
  • Khimar
  • Kerudung
  • Turban
  • Niqab
  • Amira
  • Esarp

Islamic gifts for her

In most Middle East countries, women wear Hijabs as a preference and no one actually forces them to wear it. So, it depicts one’s personality, it’s important to choose the right colour and shape. Moreover, you can choose from the wide varieties that are available at stores and websites for you to buy as one of the ideal Eid gifts!