Here are the Different Types of Best Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucets are a very important part of the kitchen. The kitchen faucets these days, are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and designs. As a result, there is often a tendency of the consumers to buy a product that is beautiful and stylish.

But often after buying the kitchen faucet one is not happy because though he or she has been able to get a kitchen faucet that complements the look of the kitchen but has not been able to buy the one that suits his or her purpose.

So before one buys the best kitchen faucet it is very important for him or her to know about the different types of kitchen faucets available”

  • The single handle kitchen faucets

These are the most basic type of modern kitchen faucets and are also available at quite a low price. These faucets control both the stream as well as the temperature of the water. In order to install this kitchen faucet one simply needs a single hole and therefore the installation procedure is quite simple.

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Maintaining these kitchen faucets is also quite simple because they can be cleaned quite easily.

  • The dual handle kitchen faucet

There are number of holes required to install these kitchen faucets. So installing this faucet requires a lot of labor. The most important advantage of using this type of kitchen faucet is that, the operator is able to control the water flow as well as the temperature.

  • The Kitchen faucets with a side sprayer are considered to be the best kitchen faucet

These types of faucets are available in a variety of styles and designs and are also the most affordable kitchen faucets available.

  • Pull down faucets

These kitchen faucets come with a sprayer that is detachable. One does not have to twist the sprayer. So they are quite suitable for people who are suffering from arthritis.

  • Pull out kitchen faucets

These kitchen faucets have a long hosepipe that makes it ideal for filling up the pots that are in the sink as well as outside the sink.

So when buying kitchen faucets it is crucial to keep the above points in mind. Doing this will help one to buy the best kitchen faucets 2017.


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Checkout Vital Points Before Buying the Best Kitchen Faucet

Is the old faucet not working properly? How many times are you going to repair the old faucet simply? It is time to invest your money and get the best kitchen faucet that is available on the market.

Coming to buying a new faucet, it is not about the money or the color only. Rather, it is about the performance that it is going to give. Faucets need not only look good and not be of any use after a short time period. So why not invest in a faucet that is going to give a long time service and bring glamour to your kitchen instantly?

Here is everything that you need to know about kitchen faucets before making the purchase.

Modern kitchen faucets

The modern home needs a modern faucet. However, that does not mean that the antique designed faucet that you have been saving up for is not worth buying.

What a modern faucet should offer is updated features that the new technology offers. If the faucet that you are looking for is not offering those features, then it is better to look for a different one who does. The logic behind such a step is simply that of consumer satisfaction.

An older model is not going to provide the user with new details which almost every current model brings in.

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Aspects to look out for before purchasing a new faucet:

As of now, there are certain features that the best kitchen faucets 2017 offer.

  • Handles:

There are three variations that you can choose from.

  1. Single handle – simplest one among all the others. It is the most traditional one among the rest and hence has no new budding feature. Turn on the handle to use it.
  2. Double handle – has a handle on both sides and comes with temperature control. Each handle represents either hot or cold. Turn the knob on the side which temperature you wish to use. Battery operation may be present.
  3. Automatic – a more new technique of using the water is here where one does not need to turn on the faucet by handling it themselves.

Note: the handle of a faucet determines how easy the cleaning process is going to be. Most convenient type is the automatic faucet. Among all the top rated kitchen faucets it is the automatic one that is expensive. You can be certain that it is the automatic one that can save a lot of water from wastage, as it is activated by sensors.

A single handle faucet may be the most economical one. However, the double handle faucets are taking over in the popularity ratio. Double handle faucet bridges the gap between too expensive automatic faucet and very bland single handle one.

  • Finish:

Now comes the part which you were most excited about. The finish is all about the color and looks of the faucet. There are many different shades to choose from.

Note: the price of a faucet depends on the finish a lot too. That is the factor which makes a simple faucet, the best kitchen faucet for usage.

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  • Sprayer:
  1. Simple sprayer – the most traditional type of sprayer where the head of the sprayer is fixated or is unified with the faucet body.
  2. Pull out or down sprayer – a user has a more steady control over the water low. The sprayer head can be dragged outwards or downwards. This allows the user to get a closer clean on dirty dishes. The best part about this particular faucet head is that there are both stream and spray modes by which dishes can be better cleaned.
  3. Side sprayer – the spray head has an additional side sprayer that ejects water by sprinkling over the washed item.

Note: choosing the correct sprayer is a very important factor. Pay good attention to your demand. A pull-out spray does not spurt out droplets here and there. A user  can pull and drag the head of the sprayer in whichever angle that they wish to.

Apart than these, every interested buyer can get an idea of how long the faucet arm should be. That is however dependent on the pressure of household chores and its leverage.

An individual can look up the reviews and product specifications which are available on various sites for the best kitchen faucet too!