Why is Organic Fair Trade Coffee Essential to Consumers?

There has been a buzz lately about organic products that are socially responsible, especially when it comes to the daily consumables like coffee. One such is organic Fair Trade coffee which comes with many benefits;but what does it actually mean?

Fair trade organization

Fair trade organizations seek to create equity in international trade with their transparent acts. Any product that is certified by this group falls under the fair trade products. Prior to them, price of coffee were regulated by the International Coffee Organization. They set limits on trade so that the supply and demand ratio stays effective and price stays stable.

Fair Trade certification was introduced in 1988 following a coffee crisis. Since then, they continue to set standards, inspecting and certifying growers.


Study says thatabout 85% of Fair Trade certified coffee is organic. Despite the slightly higher price, there are many reasons why one should support this initiative.

  • Quality of the product:

Produces that receive the Fair Trade standard go through a series of quality control tests. This makes sure that the product is of the best quality all the time. Also farmers get paid more for their produce, around 20 cent more as social premium, and 30 cent more for organic products. This ensures high incentive for quality product.

  • Fair price:

International Fair Trade Labeling Organization puts a base price on all their products. This helps the workers earn a minimum wage. They also try to remove the middle man by working directly with cooperatives of bean farmers. Many fair trade coffee operative reinvests revenue to the communities to develop healthcare, education and housing programs.

  • Healthier, for consumers, and the environment:

Mass produced coffee often leads to a lower quality product, grown with chemical pesticides and additives. Such chemicals are very harmful. Organic coffee grows slower, but it’s grown without any agrochemicals. This allows the coffee to hold its bold taste, and allows the soil to retain its nutrient base.

Fair trade product includes policies to help farmers survive the ever changing market. It also honors the environment the coffee is produced at. Despite the slightly higher price, organic Fair Trade coffee ensures product one can rely on.

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